Our Digital platform

It is an autonomous system. Once integrated into your company, access the different data sources which protects and process. In this way we have create a digital layer, independent of the operational processes, in which advanced analysis techniques of IA are applied to extract the maximum useful information.


As a result, we obtain dynamic, objective and high-value information with which to make effective decisions in real time.

Modules and visualization

The modules add functionalities to the digital platform in a versatile and scalable way.

We offer modules for advanced statistical analysis, machine learning, business intelligence, but we also have the option of offering functions of calculation and control of stocks, planning of basic resources, control of specific processes, economics, simulations and predictions, etc. The objective of our modules is to adapt the system to the specific needs of our customers. We have multiplatform visualization systems to facilitate the understanding of the information generated through data analysis for productive environments and visualization of management indicators.


We have developed two ranges of devices that allow us

to connect the physical and digital worlds.

Our devices are highly configurable and scalable that, allows us to adapt to

size and specific needs of our customers.

Analysis & Connect

Are the ideal devices to connect and extract information from computer systems, databases, Excel sheets, etc.


Its modular capacity allows you to configure them to customize or expand its functionality adapting it to the needs of your company.


tiKblue devices connect to each other forming scalable networks that adapt to the demands of your company.


Sense is aimed at capturing data from sensors, machines or information directly entered by people (forms).


It can be connected to the main field buses used in industry, digital or analog sensors and a wide range of peripherals such as cameras, keyboards, touch screens, RF communication equipment, etc.


Sense extracts the necessary information without affecting the processes and controls critical variables while it analyzes the data to help to improve and control processes.


Visual communication is fast, effective and universal.  

It is a multiplatform system, interactive and configurable.

Security is one of our priorities and access to information is protected and restricted depending on the level of user accessing the platform.


In any case, information is the key to success and we put it at your fingertips, you set the limits.

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